Show Me a Sign

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Show me a Sign by Ann Clare LeZotte

I love to read Historical Fiction and I especially love it when I learn about something I didn’t know about previously. This story takes place after the Revolutionary War in the early 19th Century on Martha’s Vineyard in a town called Chilmark. During this time period there were many deaf people on the island. In one section of town as many as one in four people were deaf. There were so many they created their own sign language. Mary Lambert, a descendent of one of the first settlers and first deaf person on the island, feels safe and protected on her island and is just fine and even proud with being deaf.

But recent events have brought change in her life. First, she and her family are dealing with grief after her brother George died in a carriage accident that Mary feels she is responsible for. There are also disputes between the Wampanoag tribe and the settlers over land. Then there is a new arrival on the island, a young scientist by the name of Andrew. He is hoping to find the cause of the deafness on the island. Mary, along with her friend Nancy begin spying on Andrew and begins to doubt his intentions. She soon finds out that Andrew wants a live “specimen” to study and experiment on. She is kidnapped and taken to Boston. Much of the novel is her struggle to save herself and escape.

Historical Fiction 269 p. 5 Stars

Things I liked: A real page turner after she is kidnapped, own voices story (Ann Clare LeZotte is herself deaf), includes Wampanoag characters, issues of justice, well researched

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