Efren Divided

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Realistic Novel 263 p. Pura Belpré Award

This book broke my heart a little. It’s hard not to cheer for this hard-working courageous boy whose life has been turned upside down when his worst nightmare becomes true: his mother is not at home when he returns from school. He later is told that his undocumented mother has been deported. Now Efren must take care of his younger brother and sister, twins, while his father works two jobs to support them and save money to send to his mother. Because Efren is an American citizen, he crosses over to Tijuana to meet his mother and give her the money they have saved. Along the way he meets desperate people even worse off than his family and gives some of the money to one, saying it is what his mother would have done.

This book has stayed with me and I highly recommend for everyone. Even though the novel shows the injustice in the world, there is hope as well.

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District Media Specialist for Madison Central School District

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