Three Keys

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Realistic, Historical Fiction 271 p. sequel to Front Desk

I loved Front Desk, but I think this was an even better book. Mia and her parents are still running the Calivista Motel and Mia is now in the 6th grade along with her friends Lupe and Jason. She has a difficult relationship with her new teacher, Mrs. Welch, who is in support of Pete Wilson’s political campaign for governor and the bill, Proposition 187, plus Mrs. Welch doesn’t seem to think her writing is all that good! And, the motel is not earning enough money to satisfy all the investors.

Leading up to the election, there is growing racism with people leaving unwelcome signs and graffiti in school and the motel. Lupe reveals that her family is undocumented which creates a scene of growing fear as her father is jailed with the threat of deportation and family separation looming over their heads. Mia and Lupe learn to use their voices and their pens to fight back.

I loved everything about this book and was very impressed with the author’s research and back notes. Will definitely be recommending to our kids!

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