Dress Coded

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Realistic Fiction, Gender Issues, Social Justice 303 p.

Eighth grader Molly is outraged when she sees a friend crying while being yelled at by two administrators at school for violating the dress code, even though she had a good reason for doing so. Molly decides to take action and starts a podcast where she interviews girls who have been victimized and shamed because of the unfair policy. The podcast becomes very popular and Molly and others begin writing petitions and letters and eventually have a “camp-in” on school grounds.

Outside of school Molly’s family is under a lot of stress because her older brother is vaping and even selling it to other students. I enjoyed the short chapters that alternated between podcasts, letters, and Molly’s day-to-day life. There’s a variety of diverse characters, even a couple with disabilities. I think most teens would enjoy this book.

Published by


District Media Specialist for Madison Central School District

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